NSW Police Firearms Registry Approved for Sport/Target Shooting (Pistol) Club - Hunting Club - Sport/Target Shooting Club - Collectors Club.

Welcome to Sporting Target Pistol Club Inc., proudly affiliated with the NSW Amateur Pistol Association, Federation of Hunting Clubs, member of IPSC Australia.  We are a family orientated Club - a resident Club  at SISC - International Shoot Centre at Cecil Park Sydney. Our Club operates weekly (Excludes Public Holidays and Major Events at SISC) on Wednesday and Friday Nights from 5.00pm until 9.30pm.

Competition Pistol shooting (Target), Sport/Target Shooting (Rifle/Shotgun) and Recreational Hunting/Vermin Control  is enjoyed by many throughout Australia, especially here in Sydney New South Wales. It is a family sport, a sport for all ages and genders, may it be from your teens to after retirement.

The sport (target shooting) can be an enjoyable recreation for many people, or a challenging competition for others who seek to excel in competition and also possible representation of their Club at State Levels, National Levels or even represent our country at international levels. It all depends only on what you want out of this exciting and challenging sport.

Your whole family are most welcomed by our Club, to come along and watch you, or as well, either to shoot (if licensed and we welcome licensed shooters from other approved clubs).

We also have FST Approved Instructors for Long Arms Courses which allows a person to apply for Long Arms Licence (Cat A or Cat B or combined & Subject to successful completion of the FST Course).

Please note: The Try-Shooting Course offered does not automatically give right to apply for a Cat H licence or Cat A-B.  It is designed to allow persons to experience Target Shooting and allow them to determine if in fact, this sport is for them with intention on joining the Club.  We do not under any circumstances conduct our P650 Try-Shooting with a Club Firearm larger than .177Air in calibre.

We do not offer second Try Shooting (P650) to any person whom has already attended one of our previous Try Shooting Courses or has any person had previously attended with another Club/Range, a P650 Try Shoot Activity.  This is a one off Try Shooting Course.

Our Club does not use a P650 Try Shooting Course for commercial gain.  It is there for one simple genuine reason, to allow any unlicensed person who meets the relevant guidelines and regulations, to have an opportunity to experience target shooting with a Club Issued Firearm, under strict conditions and one on one with an accredited training officer of the Club. Please contact the Club by email to register your interest.

Important:   Persons obtaining a firearms licence with club membership to support their genuine reason must comply with the participation requirements and activities as prescribed by Part 10 of the Firearms Regulation 2017.

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