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Joining The Club

About our Club

Sporting Target Pistol Club Inc., is a family orientated club, where our members are from various ages, our juniors are from 12 years, and our members come from various professions, example Law Enforcement, Construction Industry, Medical, etc.  Membership Fees:  Starts from $400.00 per Club financial Year (Includes NSWAPA Capitation), Long Arms Membership starts from $85.00 Club Financial Year, Collectors Membership starts from $235.00 Club Financial Year. FST Long Arms Course $95.00.  Pensioners & Families discount offered, Juniors discounted.  For further information visit us at the range during a club night, where one of our officials will be delighted to show you around and answer all your questions.  Come on down, why not? have a look, have a chat over a coffee or soft drink. We welcome all visitors and all other Club members are also welcomed to shoot with our club and we also offer discounted rates for associate memberships.  Further information is available with relation to Members Obligations and Mandatory Club requirements. Please contact the Club Secretary.

Participation Requirements

Persons obtaining a firearms licence with Club membership to support their genuine reason, must comply with the participation requirements as prescribed by Part 10 of the Firearms Regulation 2017.  Further information is available at www.police.gov.au/firearms. 

Sporting Target Pistol Club Inc., conducts a broad range of target pistol shooting disciplines as well as Shotgun and rifle. We have something to suit every person.   For more information regarding participation requirements to hold membership and comply with the Club, please email our secretary. 

Persons wishing to join the Collectors Division of the Club and for Cat G, please email the secretary. Strict conditions apply with Cat G and membership requirements.

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Our intakes are based on limited numbers and twice a year, the membership intake is the month of February and the month of July of each Club Financial Year.  However from time to time, we may accept new membership applications outside these periods.  All membership applications are assessed by the Executive Committee for final approval. 

Collector membership request is limited each Club Financial Year - Kindly email the secretary regarding collectors membership.

Training Program - P650

New members are introduced to the Club through our training program over a period of one month.  

Our course is conducted under NSWAPA P650 Safe Handling Course and is strictly one on one with one of our Club officials. 

All new trainees are introduced to .177 Air Pistol at the 10 meter Air Range. No new trainee or PPL (Provisional Pistol Licence) Holder will be introduced to a higher calibre (commencing from .22LR) in their first 6 months of their training and course.  All PPL Holders shall within their first 6 months be required to undertake and compete in 3 Club Competitions and will also be required to meet 12 Club Attendances in that period. In the second six (6) month period, the trainee (PPL) will be then introduced to 25 meter range and with a .22LR calibre club firearm where he or she will be under direct supervision by one of our Club Officials.   Under no circumstances will any PPL Holder within their 12 month PPL Period shall handle or be allowed to shoot any calibre larger than a .22LR.  These calibres are introduced to you once you have successfully passed your PPL Course and have obtained your full Cat H licence and your introduction to these calibres and various matches available will be discussed with you by one of the Club Officials.

Please feel free to contact our secretary for further information.

Family Enjoyment!

Pistol shooting is an enjoyable and safe family sport, open to people from 12 years of age onward.  The sport is very safety conscious and strictly controlled by Law.  Information sheets are available on the NSW Firearms Registry website at www.police.nsw.gov.au/firearms