Try Shooting

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Are you and your family or friends, interested in shooting? You are unlicensed and have always wondered what it would feel to shoot a pistol? or a rifle?.    So you looked around the internet and researched information from various sources and also from the New South Wales Firearms Registry Web Site and now you made the decision to undertake what is commonly known as and is called  “Try Shoot”, which may very well open the doors for you to a new sport, enjoyed by many and of all ages and gender and professions. Or perhaps, this sport is not for you.

STPC Inc., “Try Shooting Program” - allows unlicensed individuals to try “target shooting” under what is known as a P650 (Conditions Apply).

Our training officers whom have undertaken and completed the NSWAPA Orientation Coach(s) and Pistol Australia  National Club Instructor's Course will take you through a compulsory P650 Safe Handling Course as well as range-time.

You will be directly on a one on one supervision with one of our training officers at all times whilst on the firing line.  We will provide you with hearing protection and safety glasses.  Unless you try it, you will never know.

Try Shooting is available only during Club Nights which are weekly and on Wednesday and Fridays from 5.30pm and by booking in with the Club.

Please NoteThat unless you meet all legal requirements and identification, you will not be permitted to participate in Try Shooting.

Contact our secretary for further information and availability of the P650 Try-Shooting.

NOTICE:        Restrictions:  Handgun - .177 Air.  Long Arm Rifle is restricted to.22LR Calibre.  Under no circumstances will larger calibres be offered.